Fundamentals of Petroleum and Petrochemical Engineering

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Fundamentals of Petroleum and Petrochemical Engineering


Petroleum and Petrochemical

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Chapter 1 Crude Petroleum Oil 

Chapter 2 Petroleum Products and Test Methods

Chapter 3 Processing Operations in a Petroleum Refinery

Chapter 4 Lubricating Oil and Grease

Chapter 5 Petrochemicals

Chapter 6 Offsite Facilities, Power and Utilities

Chapter 7 Material and Energy Balances

Chapter 8 Heat Exchangers and Pipe-Still Furnaces

Chapter 9 Distillation and Stripping

Chapter 10 Extraction

Chapter 11 Reactor Calculations

Chapter 12 Elements of Pipeline Transfer Facilities

Chapter 13 Instrumentation and Control in a Refinery

Chapter 14 Miscellaneous

Chapter 15 Plant Management and Economics

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