Fresh water Pollution Dynamics & Remediation


The Concerns for Global Sustainability of Freshwater Ecosystems

Freshwater Pollution: Effects on Aquatic Life and Human Health

Freshwater Contamination: Sources and Hazards to Aquatic Biota

Correlation Between Pollution Trends of Freshwater

Impact of Pollution on Quality of Freshwater Ecosystems

Heavy Metal Intrusion and Accumulation in Aquatic Ecosystems

Impact of Climate Change on Freshwater Ecosystem and Its Sustainable Management

Role of Biotools in Restoration of Freshwater Ecosystems

Bioremediation: A Sustainable and Emerging Tool for Restoration of Polluted Aquatic Ecosystem

Biosorption as Environmentally Friendly Technique for Heavy Metal Removal from Wastewater

Biotechnological Intervention as an Aquatic Clean Up Tool Analysis of Hydrology, Sediment Retention, Biogenic- Calcification and -Scavenging as Self-Remediative Lacustrine Functions

Remediation of Pesticides Through Microbial and Phytoremediation Techniques

Trends in Phyto-management of Aquatic Ecosystems and Evaluation of Factors Affecting Removal of Inorganic Pollutants from Water Bodies

Urban Pond Ecosystems; Preservation and Management Through Phytoremediation

Aquatic Pollution Stress and Role of Biofilms as Environment Cleanup Technology

Wonders of Nanotechnology for Remediation of Polluted Aquatic Environs

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