Advances in Wastewater Treatment


πŸ”–Chapter 1- Primary treatment: Particle separation by rotating belt sieves

πŸ”–Chapter 2- Biological nutrient removal activated sludge systems with membranes

πŸ”–Chapter 3- MBBR and IFAS systems

πŸ”–Chapter 4-Aerobic granular sludge: State of the art, applications, and new perspectives

πŸ”–Chapter 5-Membrane-based processes

πŸ”–Chapter 6-Organic micropollutant control 

πŸ”–Chapter 7-Anaerobic digestion processes

πŸ”–Chapter 8-Greenhouse gas emissions from membrane bioreactors 

πŸ”–Chapter 9- Mixing - new insights and opportunities through computational fluid dynamics 

πŸ”–Chapter 10-Making water operations smarter 

πŸ”–Chapter 11-Global sensitivity analysis in wastewater treatment modelling 

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