Cooling Tower Thermal & Technical Design - A Practical Guide for Industries


⏹Chapter 1. Psychrometries 

⏹Chapter 2. Heat & Mass Transfer Fundamentals 

⏹Chapter 3. Tower Demand & Characteristic Curves 

⏹Chapter 4. Cooling Tower Performance Variables 

⏹Chapter 5. Consideration of By-pass Wall Water 

⏹Chapter 6. Pressure Drops in Cooling Tower 

⏹Chapter 7. Velocity Recovery at Fan Stack 

⏹Chapter 8. Motor Power Sizing 

⏹Chapter 9. Fan Components Sizing 

⏹Chapter 10. Air-Water Distribution System Design 

⏹Chapter 11. Recirculation of Exit Air 

⏹Chapter 12. Evaporation 

⏹Chapter 13. Estimation of Actual Cold Water Temperature 

⏹Chapter 14. Determination of L/G 

⏹Chapter 15. Compare of Tower Performance at Sea Level and Altitude 

⏹Chapter 16. Evaluation of Tower Performance at Design Off Design 

⏹Chapter 17. Plotting of Tower Performance Curves 

⏹Chapter 18. Estimation of Air Flow at No-Load Condition 

⏹Chapter 19. Determination of Pumping Head 

⏹Chapter 20. Determination of Line Voltage Drop 

⏹Chapter 21. Calculation of Tower Capability by Tower Characteristic Curve 

⏹Chapter 22. Calculation of Tower Capability by Tower Performance Curve 

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