Treatment and Recycling of Wastewater from Pharmaceutical Industry


💊Classification of Pharmaceutical Wastes
       -Hazardous Waste
       -P-Listed Pharmaceutical Waste
       -U-Listed Pharmaceutical Wastes
💊Chemical Characteristics of Pharmaceutical Wastes
      -Ignitability (D001)
      -Corrosivity (D002)
      -Toxicity (Multiple D Codes)
💊Nonhazardous Pharmaceutical Waste
💊Chemo Pharmaceutical Waste
💊Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) and Biopharmaceuticals
💊Characteristics of Pharmaceutical Wastewater
💊Factors Affecting the Rate of Bio-degradation of Pharmaceutical Wastes
💊Sources of Pharmaceutical Wastewater
      -Private Households
💊Effects of Pharmaceutical Wastewater
      -On Human
      -On Environment
💊Biological Methods for Treatment of Pharmaceutical Wastewater
      -Aerobic Methods
      -Conventional Activated Sludge Process (CASP)
      -Cyclic Activated Sludge System (CASS) or Sequence Batch Reactor (SBR)
      -Integrated Fixed Film Activated Sludge (IFAS) System
      -Membrane Bioreactor (MBR)
      -Aquatech Enhanced Membrane Bioreactor (Aqua-EMBR)
      -Anaerobic Methods
      -Hydrolytic bacteria (acidogens)
      -Obligate hydrogen producing acetogens
      -Methanogens (obligate anaerobes)
💊Biological Sources of Pharmaceutical Wastewater Treatment
💊Water Recycling and Reuse Technologies
      -Membrane Filtration System (MFS)
      -Microbial Fuel Cells
💊Natural Wastewater Treatment System
      -Wetland Treatment
      -Water Quality Trading (WQT)
      -Indirect Discharge (ID)
💊Wastewater Pond Systems (WPS)
      -Facultative wastewater ponds
      -Aerobic pond systems
💊Dry Urine-Diverting Toilets
💊Environmental Benefits of Water Recycling
💊Decrease Wastewater Discharge to Active Water Bodies
💊Used to Create or Enhance Wetlands and Riparian Habitats
💊Reduce and Prevent Pollution
💊Future of Water Recycling
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